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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Autumn and Lissy can do this all day long.
 Traveller, Lissy and Autumn love relaxing on the porch.
 Lissy, Toby and Casey after a grueling came of fetch. 
Autumn, Casey and Toby
 Lexi has joined the picture.
Autumn found the wood box a really cool place to just relax and watch the others play.
 Lexi G. taking a break
Toby doing the same.
 Casey...down for the count
 Toby and Brandi just hanging out.
Lexi G doing her favorite thing on the the porch. Just chillin'
Traveller, Casey and Toby chillin' on the other end of the porch
Just a very sweet picture of Toby
Brandi and Lissy taking a swim
Although the water is just plain DIRTY, Brandi is loving it.
Lexi G does like to play.
Casey, Toby, Lexi, Traveller and Lissy.
Casey and Toby LOVE to retrieve.
Autumn and Lissy having a great time!!
 Lexi and Casey lounging after some playtime in the yard.
Lexi, Casey, Toby and Lexi.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

 Shhhhh- Traveller(front), Frankie (center) and Mini Cooper(back) are catching some shut eye.
 Laila and Mini Cooper enjoying play time.
 Laila on the upper level, watching the happenings below.
 Maggie (lab) and Gus...Say Cheese : )
 Bob(greyhound) and Maggie
 Marty(schnauzer) and Max (black lab)
 Everyone lining up for a drink
 Little Lissy (Westie) and Maggie ready to stir up some trouble!
 Marty enjoying his very own 5 star suite.
Madi (left  and Bob
Lissy and little Mini Cooper.

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 2012 boarding

 Lilly the Great Dane puppy and Lissy, my Westie puppy
 Roxie is a very sweet Blue Heeler
 Madi the greyhound, Tillie the boxer and of coarse Lissy the Westie

 Gus and company
 Big Bob is  Madi's brother. Madi is in the background
 Cooper trying very hard to wake little Lissy

 Cooper and Madi
 Frankie the Jack Russell, Lissy and Madi
 Free for all in the basement
To the bathroom to fill the water bowls, Looks like everyone is thirsty!
Cooper wondering when we can go out and play again.
 Frankie playing possum
Traveller, my Westie, watching the kids play
 Lilly is a beautiful girl.
 Gus really enjoyed her company.
Gus, Roxie and Lilly enjoying playtime

The little guys wandering through the house
Little Lissy (on the bottom) always needs to be involved, even when the big dogs play!!
Ollie and Lilly, without Lilly's long tail it would be hard to tell these two apart.