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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Autumn and Lissy can do this all day long.
 Traveller, Lissy and Autumn love relaxing on the porch.
 Lissy, Toby and Casey after a grueling came of fetch. 
Autumn, Casey and Toby
 Lexi has joined the picture.
Autumn found the wood box a really cool place to just relax and watch the others play.
 Lexi G. taking a break
Toby doing the same.
 Casey...down for the count
 Toby and Brandi just hanging out.
Lexi G doing her favorite thing on the the porch. Just chillin'
Traveller, Casey and Toby chillin' on the other end of the porch
Just a very sweet picture of Toby
Brandi and Lissy taking a swim
Although the water is just plain DIRTY, Brandi is loving it.
Lexi G does like to play.
Casey, Toby, Lexi, Traveller and Lissy.
Casey and Toby LOVE to retrieve.
Autumn and Lissy having a great time!!
 Lexi and Casey lounging after some playtime in the yard.
Lexi, Casey, Toby and Lexi.