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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henry is our newest pack member. He is a 1 year old Great Dane. He is one very sweet guy. I love it when he plays Peek a Boo!

 Maxx(Shih Tzu) Simba(cat) and Louie(Bouvier) have all been friends for awhile. We have been recently reacquainted with Simba and Louie. Simba is a sweet old cat who would prefer to set on your lap. However, on this day he was very playful. Louie is a very shy Bouvier. We are working very hard to gain his trust. He enjoys walking and the occasional scratch on the chest. We are winning him over day by day!!

Madi (top) and Bob (bottom) are two of our newest pack members. Bob is a foster from the race tracks. His new sister Madi is helping him adjust to his new life. They are are a pleasure to walk with.